Our hand-mixed, hand-poured scented candles unite quality with design. We use premium wax and select perfumes. Mixed with precision, our scents create a pleasant fragrance in any room. The cotton wick provides a clean, low-soot burn. The candle will find its way to your home in high-quality glassware with a natural cork lid.


upcycle and reuse

You can even find new uses for the glass container and cork lid once you have finished burning your candle! Simply discard any leftover wax, clean the glass and voilà. Use it for storing herbs, growing plants or even as a pen holder on your desk. Find more inspiration on our Instagramfeed.

General information:
-Protect the scented candle from drafts
-If the flame is blackening with soot, cut it down to 5-8mm
-Keep the wax pool clean

Safety instructions:
Do not leave the lit candle unattended.