Over 40 different aromas make vanilla the “queen of spices.” It’s nearly impossible to resist its unique allure. After all, the marrow of the deep brown vanilla bean is known for energy restoration as it releases its distinctive scent. It was deemed a “profound flower” during the time of the Aztecs and indeed, anyone who indulges in it will feel carried away to another world.


Cinnamon, harvested in Sri Lanka’s tropical forests, awakens a longing for Christmas and reminds us of winter in colder northern countries. For our sweet treats during the wintertime, whether a pastry or mulled wine, cinnamon is not far away. Combined with orange essential oil, which is believed to improve mood, cinnamon has a chance to show off its most beautiful assets and enjoy the spotlight.


There is hardly another scent that can evoke the same longing for sunshine, crystal blue water and white sandy beaches like coconut. It conveys a cosy solitude in the here and now, a relaxing escape from the daily grind. This scent will whisk you away to a tropical paradise where you can lean back and unwind in the shade of Caribbean palm trees.

Ylang Ylang

The blossom of the ylang ylang tree is worshipped as the “flower of all flowers.” The true appeal of this plant, native to the Philippines, lies in its sweet, soft aroma, which tells a tale of sensuality and leisure. From covering the room at a traditional Indonesian wedding, to forming the base note of Chanel no. 5, the scent of ylang ylang is a timeless classic and a gorgeous option for the bedroom.


More than 40 different essences make vanilla the “queen of spices.” Vanilla is essential from the cosmetic to the culinary, and its scent combines in a harmonic symbiosis with coconut. Each one mixes with the other to create the perfect combination, increasing the overall soothing effect and melting away any stress and tension from the day.


In kitchens across the world, lemongrass has become a beloved symbol of Asian cuisine, traditionally used in soups and teas. Aside from to its flavour, it has the perfect combination of herbaceous freshness with a subtle citrusy sweetness to awaken the senses. Who hasn’t dreamt of a sweet frenzy in a bed of grass?


The mighty sandalwood tree spreads its strong, pleasant scent in the dense monsoon-soaked East Indian forests – an atmosphere that has delighted local cultures for centuries. Once released, this warm scent will infuse the room with a mystical haze and bring out a harmonizing and sensual spirit. A dream of One Thousand and One Nights, right in your living room.


It takes a strong partner to meet the beauty and sensuality of vanilla. Mango is up to the challenge – brave enough to encourage her majesty and yet discreet enough not to upset the sense of harmony. This duet seldom misses a note, always finding balance and providing clarity – especially in front of a small crowd, at home on the couch.